Importance of Implementing Activity Based Working
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Over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion about activity-based working (ABW) in organizations and multi-nationals. Several organizations have come to realize that the current day world is very dynamic and gone are the days where one required a boss who keeps an eye on all the workers. Most employees have targets that they have to meet irrespective of the boss’s presence. So what changed the perspective?

Dynamic Work Environment

First of all, the type of work that most people are involved in is changing at a fast pace. Most of the routine jobs are taken care of by computers and the employees have more time to ideate and are creative and come up with new and better ideas. They devote their time to more important things, like problem-solving and finding solutions.

Activity-Based Working

When all the above factors are put together, a new concept known as activity-based working office emerges. Activity-based working is very beneficial for all types of organizations and enables better collaboration and offers flexibility. For example, when there is a new project that needs diverse talent, it becomes easy to pull together a team of professionals and put them together to float the project.

From the perspective of diversity, activity-based working gives employees the freedom and flexibility to perform their job. No two individuals are the same and can function in the same way when it comes to their job responsibilities. Some individuals like to be an island and like to work in isolation while some of them need to work in a team and collaborate with their ideas. Terms like team players, teamwork, and group working have become cliché’ in today’s work environment. Every individual is respected for their strengths and is hired for their specific qualities.

The activity-based working consultants are increasingly becoming popular and are also in high demand these days. It is easier to hire them and based on the talent pool required. It is also an economically viable solution for hiring activity-based working consultants for a specific job.

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