Trending Technologies a Software Engineer Should Know

Top 10 Trending Technologies a Software Engineer Should Know

Being a software engineer, you need to keep yourself updated with developing technologies, software development trends as well as methodologies. The field of software engineering is vast due to which you need to be aware of the new information technology updates. In this blog, you will come across the top 10 trending technologies that you…

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importance of business technology

Importance of Technology in Business in 2022

The impact of technology on business functions is important to foresee. All sectors have been boosted by technology. Businesses have expanded and more opportunities have been developed. The importance of technology in business is governed by a range of factors, including the role it plays in ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently. Technological advances…

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Google Search Engine

Everything You Need to Know About Google Activity Card

Google which lays down the benchmark for innovation around the world, has recently come up with Google activity cards, which are currently rolled out in the United States. These cards are an enormous step in making user searches more streamlined and can give you access to past searches and the body of results that they…

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