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NOC stands for network operations centre where complicated IT networks are monitored and managed effectively. It is crucial for an IT managed service provider whereby network security, health, and performance are well taken care of. Companies that call for high network presence rely on NOCs for embracing networks and servers. NOC facility is required in all organizations be it large, very large, or small. All this makes NOC the heart of IT and an organization.

Outsourced NOC services are more budget-friendly and are thus preferred for their in-depth IT coverage. NOC facility within the organization will look up to all network issues and the brand can focus on its core issues. This third-party service extends 24*7 IT support and adds value to MSP.


A network operations centre offers services like –

  • Patch management for servers and workstations
  • Monitoring network devices
  • Monitoring and management of alarms at server and workstation
  • Backup control
  • Network security governance

NOC and Help desks- Help desks are an internal team of IT professionals that troubleshoot issues of the users. They respond and react to the technical glitches faced by the users and try to resolve the matter. On the other hand, NOC keeps an eye 24*7 for the potential issues in the network system. NOC pertains mainly to the network monitoring and management endpoints. Hence, helpdesks and NOCs play different roles for an organization.


  1. High security – NOCs ensure greater network server and device security. The other arena like passwords, internet, dial security, policies, and community strings are all under NOC. NOC keeps tight security on network settings to ensure end-to-end encryption and safety.
  1. Shrunken operation cost – NOC reduces the operation cost significantly. The IT tier demand and charges are brought down by NOC. This offloads IT professionals from the firm and also reduces the expenses of organizations.
  1. Downtime reduction – The NOC professionals work round the clock to establish smooth running of systems and issues to be detected at the earliest. Network operation centres remotely keep an eye on all networks, software, and hardware to reduce downtime as much as possible.
  1. Tailored Services – The NOC is preferred for its customized set of services. It tailors all its services according to the requirement of organizations. The assistance provided to the customers is also customized according to the organization to offer maximum benefit to the user.
  1. Hoping downtime and labour – NOC service providers are hired by the organizations chiefly to offload their employees. The IT experts can now work on business development strategies alongside firm operations. Network management will be no more their headache.

Summary –

NOC is an acronym for IT success. Network supervision by the network operations centre ensures success in all aspects of the business. Choose to go for NOC if you don’t wish to afford network downtime in this digital era!

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