The business environment of today is changing at an astounding pace with the rising importance of technology and changing consumer patterns around the world. The world is seeing an exponential rise in disposable incomes, and even factors like global warming have caused businesses to move towards, green solutions in an effort to keep their businesses sustainable. Corporations around the world are involved in a fever pitched battle to innovate and come up with unique solutions in the form of products and services to cater to the next generation. Think about it, a decade ago no one would have thought of buying a car or hiring a gardener with just a few taps on a cellphone through an app. If you are looking for business promotion ideas to take your enterprise to the next level we have come up with a guide that will list out the top business marketing Ideas and tips, that you can use for any kind of trade under the sun:

1. Online Leads the Way:

The number of consumers across the world with access to the internet is only growing with no signs of slowing down. Every month Millions of new internet users are added to the vast expanses of the world wide web. Some of the biggest companies in the world like Google and Amazon, are involved in internet based solutions and are also renowned as leaders for innovation in the tech space. If you haven’t build up the online presence of your business you have a lot to miss out on. Having a website is simply not enough, as with the advent of SEO techniques you should be able to leverage your online presence to make sure you are not lost in the crowd and your business is getting the kind of online visibility you are looking for. SEO companies specialise in converting internet browsers to customers and having a SEO firm by your side, can potentially revolutionise your enterprise. It doesn’t matter what business you are involved in. From raw materials to high quality home services, everything can be found online, and consumers have opened up to these services, with conventional modes of business ceding space to make way for the internet based businesses.

2. Social Media Marketing:

There is a fine line between online marketing and social media marketing but the devil is in the details. Social media is fast becoming a recourse for online users who spend prolonged periods of time at these platforms like Facebook and Twitter. What’s more Social media has also been proven to generate higher levels of user engagement than traditional web pages and blogs. Social media is also putting newspapers and other traditional modes of news consumption, out of business, and its important that you must leverage it for the benefit of your business. A SEO firm which specialises in Social media optimization can be a boon and you can contact your nearest one to get things up and running. Make your business, product or service the talk of the town and the fastest way is to tap social media.

3. Conventional Marketing:

While the online world is dictating the marketing strategies for the future, conventional marketing is still extremely important if you want to build a solid brand with high recall value. Think Digital Board, TV and news advertisements. However you can go a step further and align your social media promotions with conventional marketing strategies. Billboards which urge you to log on to a website are common sight across the world now and the synchronisation between your online and conventional advertisements will reap rich dividends for your business. Also keep in mind that great brands are built on the foundations of traditional marketing methods, the most important being word of mouth. Don’t neglect this aspect of your marketing and promotion strategies unless it’s an absolute requirement for your nature of business, and you can make do with just online marketing.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility:

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have told you in the introduction that how businesses across the world are striving to make their operations sustainable, considering the grace threat of climate change. It is estimated that by 2030, global warming will wipe off a whopping 10 percent of the global economy. CSR is a term that business owners would be familiar with as many countries make it mandatory through laws and regulations for corporations to devote a part of their capital and revenues to giving back to the society in the form of charity, public education initiatives, affordable housing etc. Usually corporations hire NGOs to manage their CSR, but you must also keep in mind that CSR is also a great opportunity to get some visibility for your business and  customising your CSR policy can be hugely beneficial for your business in the future.

5. Don’t Follow the Flock:

When it comes to marketing and promotions, business owners often forget that every business is unique and operate on different models and methodologies. Historically, winning marketing campaigns are based on their uniqueness and it makes little sense to adopt marketing strategies wholesale from competitors, and undermining the individuality of your brand. There’s no guarantee that what works for a rival, will also work for you, even if you are very similar in many aspects of your business, down to the detail. Make sure you hire the right people for marketing and building up your brand for the future, and individuality is the key. An example comes to the mind of OPPO, being a chinese smartphone manufacturer. OPPO ditched the likes of online retail spaces like Amazon and Flipkart and decided to invest heavily in brick and mortar stores in tier 3 and 4 cities of India, when it started operations of the country and other rivals were fighti. The move paid rich dividends for the company and today OPPO is one of the highest selling brand of smartphones in the the huge Indian market with over 1.3 billion people.

We have told you about latest business marketing and promotion ideas and tips for small business which you can consider while promotion your business . We hope this article has been informative and will prove useful to you. Thank you for reading!