Conference Rooms for Business

A conference room is a must for every business. While there are some companies which to have their own conference rooms, there are others who often choose venues to held meetings or conferences.

There are many factors that have to be kept in mind while choosing a meeting room. Let us have a look at some of them.

Additional facilities

Apart from the technology, many meeting venues can offer additional services to support your meeting with the clients. The services can include catering facilities, faxing, photocopying and refreshments like tea stalls. However, one should keep in mind that although these services are beneficial, they are also charged. These facilities should only be considered if it is really required. For example, if the meeting is for a longer period of time, refreshments can be considered.

Free Access

Most of the conference rooms in Mumbai offer free access to business lounges and to the breakfast areas, where you can get free refreshments. If you can find a venue with this service, it would be an attractive option.

Customer service

The second factor one need to think about when choosing conference rooms in Mumbai is Customer service. Having a good customer service is very important for any type of business. You would really be out of the world on seeing how the venue staffs interact with your clients. Once your client gets that warm feeling, they will surely feel happy and that affects the opinion that they have on your organization.

So, exceptional customer service is a must to handle any business. So, the next time you have to choose conference rooms in Mumbai choose a venue that has highly skilled and trained professionals, preferably certified by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).


The next factor one need to consider while choosing conference rooms is the location to hold the meeting. The best thing is to find a venue at a place where there are good transportation links. This is because it would be easy for the business participants to reach the location on time without any tough time. One should also make sure that there are facilities like banks as it would be comfortable for business people to do any money transactions.

Find a place where it is centrally located or place nearer to your client. This way you can get to the place on time as and when needed.


Cost is the most important factor that should be considered when hiring meeting rooms. There are many things you need to take care of when thinking about the cost. Meeting rooms in Mumbai can be hired for a day, for few hours based on the business needs. This offers a cost effective business solution where you just pay for the time you hired the room.


One also needs to choose the meeting venues which also have suitable lodging options located at a nearby distance. If not, do check with them if they provide any shuttle service.

Food and Beverages

While some of the meeting venues do have an option of food and beverages, but you can still check if they allow outside catering.

The Branding

It is also important to consider the ease for various branding opportunities as everyone who is into business understands that Branding is the key to success.


Also make sure to check on the attendee who would be at the venue. You also need to make sure that you have enough staff and security.

Technical Aspects

Most of the conference rooms have wi-fi connectivity and charging stations. Apart from these various other technical aspects too have to be clarified.

Size of the conference rooms in Mumbai is also one of the factors that are to be considered when costs are estimated. Larger the space, higher the cost.

Follow these tips to find the best conference rooms for your business meetings.